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As a world of individuals, communities and nations we must act together now to restore the justice that’s been eroded by injustices related to water, sanitation and hygiene globally.


Started by the Sanitation and Water for All global partnership, the Justice Begins Here campaign raises awareness that clean water and the ability to live free from the dangers of poor sanitation and hygiene are not privileges: they are fundamental human rights.

Access to water and sanitation provides a strong foundation from which we can effectively tackle the climate emergency and build a future where education, health, economic development and the elimination of poverty can become a reality.



LatinoSan in Bolivia

Red de Jóvenes por el Agua Centro América, a youth-led organization, discussed achieving social justice through sanitation at LatinoSan in Bolivia

Picture of LAC Ministers

Former Eng. Martin Mendez y Mendez, Vice Minister of Water, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Guatemala; Ms. Diana Laguna Caicedo, Viceministra de Ambiente, Ministry of the Environment, Panama; Ms. Leslie Samayoa Jerez de Hermosilla, Vice Minister Technical, Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, Guatemala; Ms. Ivette Berrío Aquí, Health Minister in Charge, Panama; and Mr. Oscar Rojas, Vice-Minister of Water, Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, Ecuador

LA Times publishes article by SWA CEO Catarina de Albuquerque on access to public toilets by homeless people

Justice Begins Here campaign showcased at COP27 Water Pavilion

SWA launching Justice Begins Here campaign

SWA launches Justice Begins Here campaign during Stockholm World Water Week

Reliefweb publishes op-ed on sanitation in prisions by SWA CEO Catarina de Albuquerque

Mr. Soumaila Oumar Gadji. Climate Change Director at Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Chad, highlights the importance of water and sanitation as part of social justice during on Preparations for COP27 webinar

UNICEF promoting campaign

UNICEF promotes campaign though newsletters and social media

Indigenous rights to water and sanitaiton is the focus of Pagina Sete article by SWA CEO Catarina de Albuquerque

Tweet from the UN Youth Envoy

UN Youth Envoy, Jayathma Wickramanayake, calls on her followers: "Help put pressure on those who have the power to achieve justice "

Water Integrity Network (WIN)

Water Integrity Network highlight campaign on their social media channels

Tweet from the ONU Géneve

UN Geneva brings visibility to issues of social injustice brough on be unequal access to water and sanitation.

Tweet from the Habitat for Humanity Global Action for Housing

Habitat for Humanity discusses access to basic services in informal settlements on their social media platforms.

Blogger Alif publishes a spotlight on the Justice Begins Here campaign and adapts toolkit materials to Bahasa language

Human Concern International (HCI), Canada based NGO, joins the #JusticeBeginsHere campaign, to build awareness and raise funds for clean water projects around the world and in Canada to support Indigenous communities in their struggle for access to clean water

Vote for water!" Civil society organizations in Nigeria are calling for politicians to prioritize water, sanitation and hygiene, ahead of elections. Justice Begins Here campaign was the base of Civil Society Charter, demanding for the prioritization of the human rights to water and sanitation in political agenda and to invest in the sector.

Justice Begins Here campaign inspires thematic dialogues at the "All Systems Connect Symposium 2023" hosted by IRC WASH and Water for People.

Under the Justice Begins Here campaign, civil society organizations in Sierra Leone are using the elections to demand political commitments for water, sanitation and hygiene.

SWA and the United Nations Foundation hosted a side event titled "Justice Begins Here - with Accountability", in connection to the UN 2023 Water Conference to emphasize the importance of turning commitments into actions through strong mutual accountability.

Civil society organizations in Sierra Leone are calling for politicians to prioritize water, sanitation and hygiene ahead of elections. Justice Begins Here campaign was the basis for their call to action.

Young Mauritian climate advocate Yuv Sungkur shares insights on climate Justice and why it matters for Mauritius in local media


Kumi Naidoo, SWA Global Leadership Council member, Global ambassador, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity and Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy

Jayathma Wickramanayake, the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth

Selin Ozunaldim, Youth Activist and Gender Youth Activist for UN Women Turkey

Nicki Becker, SWA Youth Champion, speaks about gender, climate justice and youth participation

Eric Njuguna, member of the Fridays For Future, speaks on the human rights to water and sanitation

Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO, speaks on the importance of access to water & sanitation

David R. Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment.

Nicole Becker, Climate justice activist from Argentina and SWA Youth Champion.

Jhaquelin Dávalos, Researcher at the Institute for Rural Development in South America

Secretaria general de la Global Interfaith WASH Alliance con sede en Rishikesh, India

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Secretary General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance based in Rishikesh, India

SWA Youth Champion, Anita Soina

In an Instagram Live conversation, SWA Youth Champion, Anita Soina shares how young people can mobilize and join the Justice Begins Here campaign to leverage water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide ahead of the UN 2023 Water Conference.


Justice begins here, with safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all.

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UN 2023 Conference


2023 will be a big one for water: the UN 2023 Water Conference (22-24 March), is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite the world around achieving universal access to water and sanitation. On World Water Day (22 March), the sector will unite to call on every individual to make a commitment, no matter how small, that will help solve the water crisis.

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